JEDC Guidelines for Referees:

We are particularly grateful to the many referees who have participated in the evaluation process of the JEDC. Many authors have greatly benefited from the comments made by our reliable and competent referees.

If you receive a referee request by one of the editors, we ask you to let him know right away by e-mail whether you will be able to review the paper or whether he has to ask someone else. In the latter case, your suggestions of potential referees are highly appreciated.

Prompt refereeing is very important to us. If you can review the paper, we would appreciate having your report within six weeks of the receipt of the referee request. In addition to the report that is to be sent anonymously to the authors, we also value a letter with your confidential recommendation concerning publication. You can upload the report and cover letter electronically via our secure web site, using the link you receive from the editor. Alternatively, you can e-mail or postal mail it to the editor or the JEDC Office.

If you think the work is not original, or a contribution, please include references to similar papers. If you believe the paper contains an error please document your belief.

The Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control receives many very good manuscripts, so please enforce high standards and ensure that the length of the paper is justified. If the paper is clearly deficient (e.g. it makes no contribution or contains an important error) you do not need to write a formal report. A brief letter with the precise reasons for rejection will allow us to respond quickly.

Please see Elsevier’s Guide for Reviewers for additional information about the review process.

Thank you very much for your help!

Referee Rewards:

We are pleased to offer the following alternative rewards to every referee for a careful review that is sent to us within 6 weeks of receiving our referee request:

a submission fee waiver for a JEDC submission, or
a US$ 100,- transfer into your Paypal account, or
a (UK Pound symbol) 70,- transfer into your Paypal account.

(Please note that these referee rewards are financed by the authors’ submission fees. Rewards are processed monthly pending approval of the co-editors. Rewards apply to reviews for original manuscripts, and not revised papers.)